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Welcome to Recruitment!


Owner & Adorable Penguin
Rocket League Club Team Leader

Recruitment Centre

Want to join an awesome gaming community, and game as hard as you work? Come and join our team!

It's awesome that you want to apply for the team!

Firstly, here are the global requirements that everyone must meet to even have a chance at a position here.
  • Speak English to at least a ELL Level 3 (High Intermediate) level. (Basically if you speak English you're good for this)
  • Be at least 13
  • Have an account on the forms here and be a member of the Discord community
  • You must be comfortable working to deadlines and in a team. However, we understand that life does come first.
  • Must be active in the SOFTUF community.
If you meet those requirements, then please choose a team. If you do not see a team displayed, then recruitment for that team is not open.

You can check your application at any time by clicking on the team you applied for. You will see your open recruitment apps there.
If you are declined, we aim to always give pointers how to improve your application, however at times it can simply be that you would not be a suitable fit for that team.

Please do not ask Staff about the status of your application. It will be declined if you do so.

Good Luck and Waddle On!
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