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[EN] Discord Rules

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1) Spamming - Continuously and uselessly sending the same message, in any channel. This does not apply to any command channels or Discord games with the bot.
2) Insulting - Directly or indirectly engaging in abusive remarks against a given person.
3) Inappropriate Content - This is including, but not limited to: Pornographic Content, Illegal Content etc.
4) Profanity - Using any form of vulgar, profane or otherwise offensive language. Abbreviations of swear words are also prohibited here.
5) Language - English is the only language that is permitted on the forums at this current moment in-time
6) Discrimination - Any form of narrow-minded (i.e - Racist, Bigoted, Sexist) attacks on a given individual or set of individuals.
7) Impersonation - Attempting to impersonate any other community member or otherwise a given rank is not allowed. (For reference, this covers Backseat Moderation).
8) Personal Information - Revealing anyone's personal information is forbidden. This means anything that is specifically for a given person only (i.e home address etc).
9) Discord Links / Advertising - Do not use Discord invite Links, and do not advertise in the SOFTUF Discord.
10) Use Designated Channels - Channels must only be used for their named use. (For example, do not chat in #pictures, unless it's directly related to the image)

Moderators have discretion to act when it is felt an action is detrimental to the well being of the server and its members

Ban Appeals for Discord must be made in the same way through the Forums here: https://softuf.com/pages/enforcement/

18/02/18 - Added Discord Rules
Not open for further replies.